Mathematics Department

Math is required to complete every degree and certificate program at RCC. Whether your goal is to reinforce your number sense, learn basic skills, earn required math credits for certificates and degree programs, or prepare for transfer to a 4-year school, we can help build your math concepts and skills to get you on the right track.

Math is not a spectator sport. -- Jerry Mortensen.
Neither is life. Don't stand on the sidelines, get out there and play!

Staff and Faculty

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Course Descriptions - outlines and prerequisites
  Course and sequence chart

Where should I start?

The placement test measures your skills, it is NOT a pass or fail test. Your scores determine the most appropriate classes you should take when first enrolling. click on tests to determine if you are ready.  Tests: 
  Math 60/63

  Math 65

  Math 93/95
  Math 105/111/211/243
  Math 112
  Math 251

Succeed in Your Course

  Math Help

 YouTube Graphing Calculator Help:
      Graphing Calculator Basics

      The Zoom Menu
      The Trace and Calc Menus
      Maximums/Minimums and Intercepts
      Regression and Correlation

Careers and Math

  Career Base Camp - Career Options
  Holland Codes Quiz - Career Exploration

image5Doug Gardner: Department Chair
: (541) 245-7505
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