Are You Ready for Math 65?

Your Skills with positive and negative numbers, order of operations and the distributive property, unit conversion, along with solving linear equations and graphing lines need to be adequate to be successful in this class.  Calculator skills are important in this course so you should be able to do the following problems both with and without a calculator.

1)  Solve the following equations:


3)      Simplify the following:




5)  After a 35% price reduction, a VCR sold for $185.25.  What was the price
     before the reduction?


6)  A swimming pool has a width of 25 meters and an area of 1,250 square meters. 
     What is the length of  the pool?

7)  The mathematical model h = -16t2 + 64models the height of a baseball when it
      is thrown into the air with a velocity of 64 feet per second.  h = the height in feet
      at t, the time in seconds.  Make a table for the height  at time = 1 sec, 2 sec and
      2.5 sec:


h = -16t2 + 64t  







8)  Plot the points (-2,4) and (3,0) on a x-y coordinate system . 








3a)  -6   3b)  -3

4)  10.26 cm

5)  $285

6)  50 meters

7)  48 ft, 64 ft, 60 ft